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Cloud PBX and VOIP


 Our cloud based PBX solution offers an enterprise communication solution at SMB prices. Our offering includes Geo-Redundancy for your PBX, Voicemail to text, Business SMS, Mobile App for your business extension on your smartphone, and 24x7 support.

Remote Monitoring and Management


Our RMM Solution utilizes industry leading  software that is custom tuned to your environment. Designed to catch and remediate issues before they effect the user experience, we can automate patch management, service failures, and failover to redundant/backup systems. 

Engineering Solutions


Forward LogIQ LLC, has a team of experts with the architectural design skills and technical expertise needed for customized P2V migrations, systems and network implementations, and cloud integration to bring our clients peak performance. 

Service Desk and Support


 The Forward LogIQ offers a 24x7 Service Desk that is always ready to assist with your IT needs. Our service desk is the face of Forward LogIQ LLC and handles all ticket creation, first level troubleshooting and incident management for our clients.

Procurement of Hardware, Software, and Licensing


Forward LogIQ LLC is a proud reseller of Microsoft, VMWare, Cisco Systems, CradlePoint, Phoenix NAP and AWS products. We leverage our preferred pricing with our partners and distributors to bring cost savings to our clients.

Security and Compliance


With thousands of existing vulnerabilities and new threats emerging everyday, keeping your environment secure can tie up significant company resources. Partnering with Forward LogIQ LLC allows you to regain those resources so you can focus on what matters to you.  Our Security Engineers identify and mitigate threats, secure your environment and keep you in compliance with regulations.